Goblin Skateboard Magazine

Goblin Magazine was launched on December 1st 2018, The first Irish skateboarding magazine in over 10 years. Their attempt is to bring together the different facets of skateboarding under one roof so that they can give a unique insight to the talented work that skateboarders produce. They aim to showcase skateboardings potential in the world to connect people from different backgrounds and to share the valuable lessons it teaches us with the wider public. They incorporate different Artists, Photographers, Filmers, Musicians and Writers works in long term projects. Goblin provides them a way to bring a host of talent in different areas together, to document and compile those pushing their avenues in skateboarding, whilst having a physical memory to cherish and share with their family and friends.
Skateboarding is not simply the act of skating itself, but rather a host of different elements that need each other to thrive. Music, Artwork, Photography, Videography and social commentary all have their unique place within skateboarding. as a culture skateboarding remains largely removed from mainstream activities, They show the benefit to its multiple art forms and how it can help young people deal with their mental & physical health by connecting to communities and becoming engaged in their interests. They document those that turn the cities into their own playground in ways never intended, utilising every inch of space which often leads to humorous stories and tales of misfortune.